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Find out how easy and affordable it is to set up your account to begin receiving qualified annuity leads in your area. Every lead is pre-qualified, with no set-up fees or minimums, and you’ll see the advertising source and screenshot of your lead to make follow-up calls. It’s simple to sign up! You choose the program you want, your territory, how you want to be alerted for leads, and your payment preferences. Get started in as little as 5 minutes! Call your First Annuity Advisor Consultant, 888.758.7305.

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Just as the name implies, these leads are “scrubbed.” These are the Top 10% of all the leads we generate, and they must pass a rigorous qualification process before they ever get to an advisor. Get priority distribution of the best leads in the industry. No setup fees or minimums, and you’re billed on delivery, $250/each. Our scrubbed leads are 100% phone qualified, 50 years of age or older (average age is 63), and our leads have a minimum of $25,000 in Savings accounts (average savings is $143,000).


These leads are “the other 90%.” These leads either didn’t meet our standards to be “scrubbed leads,” or they may also be “scrubbed leads” in an area where we don’t have an advisor to work them. Pick and choose the leads you want, with no setup fees or minimums, and you’re only billed when you win an auction. Our auction leads include free alerts for leads in your area, lead details before you bid, and complete freedom to bid on the amount and only the leads you want.