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Maximize Retirement Seminar System


Seminars have been proven over the years, time and time again, to be one of the most effective means of prospecting for new clients. It’s a format that’s conducive to the goals of advisors:

  1. Establish authority as a knowledgeable, respected retirement planning specialist
  2. Make a connection with the audience
  3. Set a coveted first appointment that leads to a sale

We’ve learned a few things about seminars over the years, however, and in order to be successful today, things have to be done a little differently.

Introducing Maximize Retirement Seminar System. A radically different approach to seminar selling. One of the aspects of our system that separates us from other seminars is our direct style and technique. We’re not afraid to talk about annuities! In fact, we talk about them often and throughout the class. We all know that annuities are an exceptional retirement income planning tool, but repeatedly receive negative press. We address it head on and eliminate the objection from the start – and the results have been staggering!

Shon Peil, Program Coach

To reach their fullest potential with any program or system, we believe advisors need a coach – someone who has traveled down the same path and who can help guide and teach advisors. Shon Peil is that coach. Beyond sharing his experience and success with this system, he coaches advisors on developing the proper mindset, demonstrating a passion for annuities by showing how there is truly no better financial instrument suited for retirement and income goals.


Each attendee receives a workbook and must follow along and participate in the discussion-based format. Annuities are talked about often and throughout the class, and much of the content included in the workbook must be filled in by the attendee during the seminar. Creating an educational environment whereby learning takes place, the advisor is perceived as the instructor.


Advisors receive on-going coaching via group conference calls and webinars as well as one-on-one consulting with Shon. We also have a video training archive that encompasses all aspects of hosting a successful class, including the critical opening/closing and how to run first and second appointments.


What is the Maximize Retirement Seminar System?

How Does This Compare to Social Security Seminars?

What are the benefits of annuity-driven seminars?

How are appointments different?

Using the workbook and being proud of what you do!

Why a direct approach is the best approach!

Duplicating success is easy with this type of program!

Is prior seminar experience needed to be successful?

Consistency is the key to success with the system!

Investing in yourself will allow you to grow your practice!

How do costs compare to other systems?

What’s the ideal number of people to have?

Bigger crowds do not equal better crowds!

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