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OPEN MIC is hosted by Bill Broich.

Bill Broich: 
  Annuity.com invited authors generate annuity leads – 401(k) vs. 403(b) and the pension payout option – Can your annuity clients afford to lose another decade of wealth?

Anthony Owen: Annuity Agents Alliance Partners Sales Kit, Software, and Sales Process.

Bill Broich: 
  Editorial: Building internet credentials to enhance your annuity marketing – Why do annuity agents lie to their clients? – Using IRS Section 1035 to find the highest yield for your annuity client – Source of funds risk chart – Brokered CD / MYGA bait and switch – 8 myths about annuities.

Bill Broich: 
  Bonds vs. annuities.

Bill Broich: 
  Scams on seniors – Corporate bonds are getting junkier – Bucket strategy for explaining money to your annuity clients.

Bill Broich: 
  The 10-minute miracle by the late great Jed Mayfield – The broker says “don’t worry”, what does the client say? – 401(k) article list.

Bill Broich: 
  Financial show “air pollution”, the propaganda of risk. 
Anthony Owen:
 Move in day for the new Annuity Agents Alliance / Safe Money Radio Marketing headquarters.

Bill Broich: 
  Editorial: Regulatory fallout – Fiduciary rule is dead – Annuity sales are looking up – Social Security update – Impact of health costs on Social Security.

Vincent Micciche, LifeMark Securities, CEO:
  Why partner with LifeMark Securities as your annuity friendly broker dealer.

Anthony Owen:   Two real annuity case designs showing how to cover the “gap” and create perpetual income growth illustrations, Best Interest, can it be defined and standardized? – What is wrong with the Suitability Standard, it’s working? – American Equity profits are up – LIMRA Study: Buyers Look Past Marketing and Buy Annuity’s Purpose.

05/10/18: Steve Gibson:    Uncovering 1035 and transfer opportunities for annuity sales. Anthony Owen:    Unsuitable annuity replacements – Sentinel Security Life Annuity Sales Summit – Annuity Agents Alliance European Annuity Marketing summit.

05/03/18: Tom Bradley:   Sentinel Security Summit Bonus, increased product bonus, rates, and state availability. Anthony Owen:  An objection handle sales phrase that Ken Fisher will hate, DOL rule update.

04/26/18: Bill Broich:  Building your annuity business brand.

04/19/18: Bill Broich:  Using Facebook to get annuity leads – Bankrupt public-employee pensions, the next big financial crisis.

04/12/18: Bill Broich: Cont… How FIAs beat bond performance per Roger G. Ibbotson – Great annuity handout article: What Is A Safety-First Retirement Plan.

04/05/18: Bill Broich:  How FIAs beat bond performance per Roger G. Ibbotson – 2017 dirty dozen scams – Why you should not use unaccredited designations – Estate planning tips.

03/29/18: Bill Broich:  Why the annuity industry needs more self-regulation – The power of tax deferred growth – Marketing Annuities: How to fail – The power of radio marketing to generate annuity leads – Gugenheim TriVysta commission bonus.

03/22/18: Bill Broich:  Using stories to increase annuity sales. Anthony Owen: Fifth Circuit Appellate Court vacates DOL Rule.

03/15/18: Bill Broich: A great indexed annuity sales phrase – The risk to annuity sales if Dodd-Frank is revoked – IUL sales are up – More IUL cost of insurance increases are coming – Should we sell life insurance? – Trust mills.

03/08/18: Bill Broich:  Advisor of the Year: Brad Pistole – How Medicaid helps older Americans.  Justin Shipman, Lincoln Financial, Regional Sales Director: i4Life FIFO non-qualified income benefit rider.

02/15/18: Bill Broich: Retire Village annuity marketing system: Original content. Brad Bross, CLU, Athene, Business Development Wholesaler: Athene indexed annuity product review.

02/08/18: Bill Broich: In Memorial: Jed Mayfield –  The accumulation story of indexed annuities.

02/01/18: Bill Broich:  Market bubble alert – 19.59% returns on Allianz 222 – Prudential Financial launching new FIA – Annuity selling tips from Brad Pistole – Life insurance, rent or own. Anthony Owen:  Annuity sales conversation, “Why did you take the risk” – Client handout explaining why people should move from risk to indexed annuities.

01/25/18: Bill Broich:  New tax rate guide – Top 10 tips to protect your identity theft – AARP, not senior advocates but a lead business – Ed Slot Master Elite IRA certification. Anthony Owen:  DOL compliance guide, PTE 84-24.

01/18/18: Bill Broich: CVS offers $69 billion to Aetna – The importance of choosing your partners in the annuity business.