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OPEN MIC is hosted by Bill Broich.

OPEN MIC is hosted by Bill Broich.

OPEN MIC is hosted by Bill Broich.

OPEN MIC is hosted by Bill Broich.

OPEN MIC is hosted by Bill Broich.

OPEN MIC is hosted by Bill Broich.

OPEN MIC is hosted by Bill Broich.

OPEN MIC is hosted by Bill Broich.

OPEN MIC is hosted by Bill Broich.

OPEN MIC is hosted by Bill Broich.

Bill Broich: 
  Annuity.com invited authors generate annuity leads – 401(k) vs. 403(b) and the pension payout option – Can your annuity clients afford to lose another decade of wealth?

Anthony Owen: Annuity Agents Alliance Partners Sales Kit, Software, and Sales Process.

Bill Broich: 
  Editorial: Building internet credentials to enhance your annuity marketing – Why do annuity agents lie to their clients? – Using IRS Section 1035 to find the highest yield for your annuity client – Source of funds risk chart – Brokered CD / MYGA bait and switch – 8 myths about annuities.

Bill Broich: 
  Bonds vs. annuities.

Bill Broich: 
  Scams on seniors – Corporate bonds are getting junkier – Bucket strategy for explaining money to your annuity clients.

Bill Broich: 
  The 10-minute miracle by the late great Jed Mayfield – The broker says “don’t worry”, what does the client say? – 401(k) article list.

Bill Broich: 
  Financial show “air pollution”, the propaganda of risk. 
Anthony Owen:
 Move in day for the new Annuity Agents Alliance / Safe Money Radio Marketing headquarters.

Bill Broich: 
  Editorial: Regulatory fallout – Fiduciary rule is dead – Annuity sales are looking up – Social Security update – Impact of health costs on Social Security.

Vincent Micciche, LifeMark Securities, CEO:
  Why partner with LifeMark Securities as your annuity friendly broker dealer.

Anthony Owen:   Two real annuity case designs showing how to cover the “gap” and create perpetual income growth illustrations, Best Interest, can it be defined and standardized? – What is wrong with the Suitability Standard, it’s working? – American Equity profits are up – LIMRA Study: Buyers Look Past Marketing and Buy Annuity’s Purpose.

05/10/18: Steve Gibson:    Uncovering 1035 and transfer opportunities for annuity sales. Anthony Owen:    Unsuitable annuity replacements – Sentinel Security Life Annuity Sales Summit – Annuity Agents Alliance European Annuity Marketing summit.

05/03/18: Tom Bradley:   Sentinel Security Summit Bonus, increased product bonus, rates, and state availability. Anthony Owen:  An objection handle sales phrase that Ken Fisher will hate, DOL rule update.

04/26/18: Bill Broich:  Building your annuity business brand.

04/19/18: Bill Broich:  Using Facebook to get annuity leads – Bankrupt public-employee pensions, the next big financial crisis.

04/12/18: Bill Broich: Cont… How FIAs beat bond performance per Roger G. Ibbotson – Great annuity handout article: What Is A Safety-First Retirement Plan.

04/05/18: Bill Broich:  How FIAs beat bond performance per Roger G. Ibbotson – 2017 dirty dozen scams – Why you should not use unaccredited designations – Estate planning tips.

03/29/18: Bill Broich:  Why the annuity industry needs more self-regulation – The power of tax deferred growth – Marketing Annuities: How to fail – The power of radio marketing to generate annuity leads – Gugenheim TriVysta commission bonus.

03/22/18: Bill Broich:  Using stories to increase annuity sales. Anthony Owen: Fifth Circuit Appellate Court vacates DOL Rule.

03/15/18: Bill Broich: A great indexed annuity sales phrase – The risk to annuity sales if Dodd-Frank is revoked – IUL sales are up – More IUL cost of insurance increases are coming – Should we sell life insurance? – Trust mills.

03/08/18: Bill Broich:  Advisor of the Year: Brad Pistole – How Medicaid helps older Americans.  Justin Shipman, Lincoln Financial, Regional Sales Director: i4Life FIFO non-qualified income benefit rider.

02/15/18: Bill Broich: Retire Village annuity marketing system: Original content. Brad Bross, CLU, Athene, Business Development Wholesaler: Athene indexed annuity product review.

02/08/18: Bill Broich: In Memorial: Jed Mayfield –  The accumulation story of indexed annuities.

02/01/18: Bill Broich:  Market bubble alert – 19.59% returns on Allianz 222 – Prudential Financial launching new FIA – Annuity selling tips from Brad Pistole – Life insurance, rent or own. Anthony Owen:  Annuity sales conversation, “Why did you take the risk” – Client handout explaining why people should move from risk to indexed annuities.

01/25/18: Bill Broich:  New tax rate guide – Top 10 tips to protect your identity theft – AARP, not senior advocates but a lead business – Ed Slot Master Elite IRA certification. Anthony Owen:  DOL compliance guide, PTE 84-24.

01/18/18: Bill Broich: CVS offers $69 billion to Aetna – The importance of choosing your partners in the annuity business.