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Radio Marketing



Grow your business with the most effective annuity prospecting system in the country! Learn how you can generate a consistent stream of leads using radio celebrity status to increase credibility and build rapport with prospects. When you become a radio host with First Annuity, we work with you to develop the skills and confidence on air that brings you opportunities, drives appointments, and creates loyal listeners who want to talk to you as the authority on safe money in your area. Your team takes care of everything, from costs and contracts, to time slots and programming with radio stations. Your First Annuity Advisor Consultant and support team ensure that the “heavy lifting” is done for you, so your time is freed up to work your leads and give your valuable time and attention to clients!

Hear a sampling of shows recorded by actual hosts!

Safe Money Radio Highlights:

  • Our agents are writing $3-$20 Million/yr in annuities with Safe Money Radio
  • Program consists of a weekly, 30 minute or 1 hour, pre-recorded radio show
  • Your voice, recorded in segments right from your own computer
  • Our professional sound engineers make it Safe Money Radio magic
  • All scripts are proven to motivate seniors into action
  • Receive an average of 20-30 or more quality leads every month
  • All index annuity focused
  • No radio experience necessary
  • Training and support provided


Our team facilitates and coordinates all aspects of your show and provides you with the resources and training you need to be successful on air. You receive coaching on every aspect of the recording process, including recording voice-overs and commercials, and editing the raw audio for final production. You will record your shows from your home or office with professionally written, professional, and effective scripts with all the equipment you need as a radio host provided to you.


Our team professionally handles all negotiations to secure you the best possible media contracts and to make recommendations on radio stations and time slot selections. A trained receptionist will answer calls generated from your shows, to validate the leads and collect basic information from the caller. These leads are then passed to you via email.

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